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Mata Amritanandamayi once said that the intellect always cuts and divides like a pair of scissors. The heart sews things together and unites like a needle. The tailor uses both.

Yes, it takes a lot of elements as well as the technical – know – how with passion to be able to design and create an outfit that satisfies a clients specific needs and which can pass as classic and elegant.

It is in this light that Adsafrik dedicates this segment or page to provide Bespoke Couture tailored at meeting a clients specific fashion preferences and of course with an Afrocentric touch.

We are happy to invite you to send in your particular client request needs as far as custom tailoring is concerned.

It is therefore, our outmost desire to take you through an exciting journey of making feel the change worth experiencing.

Our Collection

With a growing number of Westerners with a good taste in African fashion, there is yet still some pecentage of Westerners and interestingly, Africans who prefares their clothing and accessories just the European way.

Adsafrik therefore, seeks bring to the virtual world, a combination of both the African and Western inspired fashion giving it both a touch of the African and Western feel.

With time, though, we seek to reach a higher percentage of fashion lovers who now sees our African inspired disigns and products as a preferable choice.

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